join us for the first ever

Join us at our first ever Play Date Ice Cream Social!  Generously hosted by Pete's Candy Store starting at 6:15pm on Monday, July 25, the Ice Cream Social will give you an evening of comedy, raffles, and wholesome shenanigans in support of our first Play Date Production: ICE CREAM MAN, BLUE BALLS, AND THE FUNNY THING

Purchase a $25 admission ticket and get not one, but two--TWO--delicious beverages, including wine, beer, and a specialty cocktail, plus a delicious ice creamy treat!

Purchase a $1 raffle ticket and you're in the running for some delicious prizes, including back rubs, bathroom paintings, buttons, legal advice, a song customized to meet your listening needs, or a highly anticipated WILD CARD SURPRISE PRIZE!

WE NEED YOU! Your dollars go directly toward the sets, costumes, props, and artists of Ice Cream Man, Blue Balls, & The Funny Thing. We can't do this without you!

The Details:

Pete's Candy Store
709 Lorimer Street
Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY  11211

Monday, July 25

Because it is going to be outrageously fun.